Marathon with a green Plus

On the occasion of the Marathon´s 25th anniversary Schwalbe are showcasing the 5th generation of the legendary touring tire at EUROBIKE. A new rubber compound will make this latest Marathon more durable and it has a green "Plus": Its GreenGuard protection belt is made up by one third recycled material. It is also certified to ECE-R75, so is suitable for all E-Bikes (even up to 50 Km/h).

Once they were latex gloves, inner tubes or rim tapes: Now Schwalbe recycled them back into genuine latex, mixing this with highly elastic natural rubber. The resultant three millimeter thick GreenGuard protection belt is then placed under the tire tread, effectively protecting the tube from everyday cycling punctures. "The Marathon is the perfect, mid-price, all-rounder", recommended Schwalbe CEO, Frank Bohle. It is the ideal tire for all everyday cyclists who may consider "the Flat-less" Marathon Plus (with a five millimeter thick protection belt) too expensive. Bohle: "For a tire in this price-bracket it offers outstanding puncture protection".

It just goes on and on and on...
And it goes even further: For this anniversary edition Marathon, Schwalbe reformulated its rubber compound. "The new Endurance compound substantially increases its durability", explained Bohle.
In everyday life bicycle tires are frequently ridden with insufficient air pressure and thereby become overloaded. After this kind of "abuse" cracks can appear, so Schwalbe redesigned the sidewall. The tire will now tolerate this "low inflation overloading" for much longer before ugly cracks eventually start to appear. In order to develop better resistance, Schwalbe technicians spent many hours performing harsh tests - poorly inflated tires, loaded with weights on a rolling-road, that artificially simulated unevenness over many thousand kilometers. "Anything that passes that test has to be good", assured Frank Bohle.

Less flats on E-Bikes
In the bicycle market E-Bikes are currently a fast-growing segment, but these electrically power bicycles place special demands on tires. Puncture resistance is clearly more important, because a tire change, or tube repair is far more difficult than is the case with an ordinary bike. Also wear is much greater, because there is more power transmission and the bikes are also much heavier. With its improved puncture protection and greater durability the new Marathon is much better prepared for E-bike use. It bears ECE-75 certification in the common sizes used on faster E-bikes.

25 years of Marathon – Europe´s most popular branded tire
The legendary long-distance runner is Europe´s most popular bicycle tire and one of the few everyday tires that consumers ask bicycle retailers for by name. Prototype tires were tested in 1982 and the first Marathon tires were delivered to retailers in 1985, making Schwalbe the first manufacturer to introduce a high-quality everyday life tire onto the market.
The Marathon tire family has constantly grown and today there are nine models, among them the "Flat-less" Marathon Plus and the global expedition tire, Marathon Extreme.
Schwalbe Marathon tires are available from specialist bicycle dealers.

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