New Touring tires from Schwalbe

Two "Long distance" additions have been made to the now ten member Marathon family. Both are successors to the "Globetrotting" Marathon XR: The high tech, folding Marathon Extreme and the Marathon Plus Tour with substantially more "Flat-less" Technology.

One glance at the profile of the Marathon Extreme is enough to see that this tire is made for adventures and long expeditions on rough roads. Nevertheless, it rolls remarkably easily and riders can immediately discern the well coordinated, in-built tire technology that defines Schwalbe’s Evolution series.

SnakeSkin, an all around fabric, protects tire shoulders and side walls from sharp rocks and glass, while at the same time it makes the whole tire structure not only extremely robust, but also light weight.

For penetration puncture protection there is a high density belt with a ceramic coating. High Density Guard is a technology, jointly developed with US firm, Warwick Mills, innovative leaders of the worldwide textile industry. "No other bicycle tire protection belt is as densely woven", said Schwalbe Product Manager, Carsten Zahn. "This technology made it possible for the first time, not just to make a light weight tire, but also one that provides an extremely high level of puncture protection". Also new is the coating of ceramic particles: Tiny shards of glass that become lodged in the tire and which slowly work their way through a protection belt are stalled when they come into contact with the ceramic particles and because ceramic is harder than glass the shards are blunted.

Triple Nano Compound is a unique mixture of rubbers for Schwalbe’s high end tires. It consists of three distinctly different rubber mixtures positioned and untied for optimum performance:
Allround-Compound is used in the tread center. Underneath this lies an extremely easy rolling base layer compound. And on the tire sides is a grippy shoulder compound. Despite low rolling resistance and durability Marathon Extreme exhibits extraordinary grip on wet roads.

"Flat-less" circumnavigation

The Marathon Plus Tour with "Flat-less" technology that is now patented. Its protection belt, the Smartguard layer, made of highly elastic special rubber, is incredibly strong and offers permanent resistance to imbedded „foreign bodies". Even a thumbtack cannot penetrate its thick, protective layer. Carsten Zahn: "Marathon Plus Tour is simply the best tire in terms of puncture prevention, durability and high resistance to adverse road conditions. In addition the Smartguard layer is rolling resistant neutral, so the Marathon Plus rolls as easily as a tire without a protection belt.

Marathon Extreme or Marathon Plus Tour – a question of philosophy

Which tires are selected by touring riders? " That’s a philosophical question", replied Zahn. "For everyday riding I prefer light tires, such as Marathon Extreme. Every time I ride them I’m amazed at just how light the tires are and how well they accelerate. I ride every day and it’s often rainy where we are, yet even so I feel really safe when cornering on Triple Nano Compound tires. Although I regularly ride light tires I cannot recall the last time I suffered a puncture. That’s the benefit of High Density puncture protection.

When puncture protection is the priority, then there is only one call: Marathon Plus! It is the ultimate in safe bicycle tires. Naturally it is heavier, but rolling resistance is unaffected by the tough Smartguard layer. Also with regard to durability it lasts much longer than any others. Anyone wishing to travel the world by bike with heavy luggage would have a great companion. It’s often lasted well over 10,00 kilometers."

Marathon Extreme and Marathon Plus Tour are available from specialist bicycle stores at the end of 2008.

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