Hans Dampf for every trail

Schwalbe is presenting its latest MTB allrounder Hans Dampf, first seen at the Sea Otter Classic in the USA and hailed by the Press: „Hans Dampf sets new standards in rubber“. It looks good too. Alpine style packaging makes you want to head for the hills - and adds color to sales shelves.

Hans Dampf is as much at home on back streets as it is on tough trails. Strong lugs, grippy TrailStar Compound and additionally strengthened sidewalls (SnakeSkin) make it feel as comfortable on rugged terrain as on „flowing“ single-track, so described Schwalbe’s Head Technician, Markus Hachmeyer.

TrailStar Compound has been used to achieve outstanding grip. „The grip is like the tire has been coated with maple syrup“, wrote American mountainbike magazine „Decline“. The unique grip is attributable to the triple compound where Schwalbe has optimized and combined three different rubber mixtures specifically for All-Mountain/Enduro: a grippy mixture is used in the tread center, an even grippier formula on the tire shoulders, while there is an easy rolling base compound under the tread. Weighing in at just 750 grams Hans Dampf rolls relatively easily and is also not bad on ascents. The verdict of „Decline“ magazine: „Schwalbe sets new standards in rubber.“

For touring riders there is a Hans Dampf version with a faster rubber compound, PaceStar triple compound. This has been optimized for speed and low rolling resistance and is why this version is preferable on the rear wheel.
The profile of the Hans Dampf offers complete control because the large lugs have a huge contact area. This high proportion of positive tread gives the rider confidence in every situation and at the same time minimizes wear. An additional woven layer, SnakeSkin, strengthens the sidewall. Weighing around 40 grams SnakeSkin casing provides protection from sharp rocks and stones.

Hans Dampf has a further new feature: Tubeless Ready. The SnakeSkin, which is extremely thick already, makes conversion of the allrounder into Tubeless with the addition of latex fluid really simple. And so prepared, Hans Dampf rides like a tubeless tire with all of the well known benefits: high puncture protection, low rolling resistance and first-rate trail performance, since it can be ridden at lower pressure.

2.35 inch is the classic size for versatile trail riding. The test riders of US magazine „Decline“ put it this way: „The width and high volume add to this tire’s ability to instill confidence and grip whatever you put in front of it.“ Rolls over everything – this applies in particular to the increasingly popular Twentyniner: That’s why Hans Dampf will also come in 29 inch.

Just like all Schwalbe products Hans Dampf is available in specialist cycle stores.

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