Cruising in Cream with Fat Frank

Cruising in Cream with Fat Frank

For the proud owner of a Cruiser or Balloonbike there is a hot new tire that likes to be seen on the scene: Fat Frank, in cream or black.
The tread design was modeled after patterns taken from our SCHWALBE archives - a grippy BMX profile paired with a classical motorcycle tire tread. Fat Frank offers more than just stunning looks; Contrary to many other wide tires it is technically on the cutting edge. Its interior is identically constructed to that of SCHWALBE's Big Apple, thus it rolls with great ease. In terms of comfort it is certainly in the category of a genuine balloon tire. Due to its large volume it can be ridden at low air pressure (about 1.5 to 2.5 bar) and therefore gently absorb those nasty bumps in the road with great success.

Built in suspension. The "tire suspension" responds amazingly well - an advantage that in everyday life is more important than long spring travel. Using simple technology cycling can remain low-maintenance and easy.

Tips: Depending on section width and and load,for a comfortable and safe ride we recommend an air pressure from 1,5 to 2.5 bar (20-35 psi). It is possible to deviate from the ETRTO standard and fit Fat Frank or Big Apple onto a normal trekking rim width of 19mm. However, to avoid overloading the rim walls, the tire should not be inflated to maximum pressure.

Fat Frank is available in size 26 x 2.35 in cream or black.

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