Extremely High Mileage. The popular Durano has a completely new profile now 10 grams lighter.

The Durano Plus has a SmartGuard
belt for extremely effective protection against penetration punctures.

  The new Flat-less tire.

  The original. The archetypal high quality touring tire. Now completely revised.

The fastest and lightest Marathon. Now in the highest Schwalbe category, Evolution Line.

A touring tire that can do everything. Low weight, the very latest puncture protection and most up-to-date compound.

A super light and fast slick tire for the road.

   Enjoy unique Balloonbike comfort. Because life is hard enough.

   Now enjoy Balloonbike comfort with 3 mm GreenGuard puncture protection for extra safety.

You have full control on icy roads with the Marathon Winter.

ZX - the best Ultremo ever!

  The first special tire for tricycle recumbents. Tire construction and profile contours are co-ordinated with the special requirements of a multi-track vehicle in mind.

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